Update 2.4 – Bugfixes and new features

A few minutes ago, I released the new version 2.4. All users who have a license can continue to use the download link from the received email. The new version fixes a few minor bugs. Likewise, the problem with the System.NullReferenceException has been fixed. Some users reported malware warnings from Bitdefender and other antivirus programs. These were false positives, which were created due to the software protection. This problem was also eliminated. The download routine for external files from external sources has been revised. The files are now downloaded in the background as soon as the fix routine is started.

In addition to the changes and improvements in the software, there is now a ticket system for support within the site, as well as an area for documentation. The documentation will be filled with valuable information and tips in the coming days. There, you will also be shown frequent questions and problems and presented solutions.

I’d like to say thank you to all users who understand the fee. There was a lot of positive feedback, especially because the fee also includes the direct support and I can respond better to individual problems. While there are always people who complain when they have to pay for other people’s time and work, there are still decent people who value the project.

As for the allegations, I would be a cash grabber: I’ve worked on countless open source projects over the past 15 years, publishing templates, modules, software, interfaces, hacks, and more. I never asked for money because I never felt it necessary and I enjoyed helping other people. Over the last 10 years, I’ve uncovered more than 20,000 security holes, mostly at large corporations, banks and government institutions worldwide. Companies that spend millions a year for their safety. With my discovered weaknesses and my involvement with Zynga, I have protected 232 million people from attacks. But I never asked for money. I have never asked for money. It has always been a matter of passion.

However, I do not have time for such things anymore. And if I have to take the time, because the users simply ask for it or the project requires it from me, then I have to decide, whether the project ends or there is an alternative. And the alternative was a fee to cover all the costs (which I have to pay myself) and to justify my time invested. And I think it’s my right to charge a fee for any software I program. If you are not ready to pay this fee, you can also try a manual method. I’ve never made a secret of how it works (quite the contrary!).

The thread at XDA is currently closed temporarily. The reason for this is that at the moment there is no free version of XperiFIX and XDA prohibits a purely commercial project. As already written in the forum, I planned to continue offering a free version. However, at the moment I miss the desire, when I look at the howl and the shitstorm regarding the fee. I’m still considering whether there will be a free version or I end my contribution to XDA. We will see…

All a nice rest weekend.

66 thoughts on “Update 2.4 – Bugfixes and new features

  1. Michele Reply

    XZ2 support is coming or not? I hope yes, drm security seems the same as xz1? I have xz2 compact… Thanks

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      I checked the current firmware for XZ2. The previous HEX patch will not work on this device, as Sony has made a few changes. But, you know what? I have a new patch for this. Haha! I will try to make it available for the new devices asap. I can not promise it works yet. But I think I’ll get it already.

      • Brandon Reply

        That’s great news about the xz2 compact! I’ve been wanting to follow your xda thread to see if you have any of us excited new xz2 owners some news but it looks like it’s locked :(. Anyways, can’t wait to hear more news on your progress and I’m more than happy to pay for your hard work and skills. Keep us updated we’re super excited to start enjoying our phones at their full potential!

      • Brian Reply

        I will join in on the donation train to move this along…I was forced to buy a new XZ2 since my XZ broke and now I am dying over here trying to get things the way I like them! 😀

  2. Jana Rajnoch Reply

    Hi sToRm, I have a question: I want to download the 2.4 update and you wrote that “All users who have a license can continue to use the download link from the received email.”…. but if I use the link from that email, only some error page appears and it says “Sorry but your download link has expired.” So where can I download the update? 🙂
    Thanks, Jana

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      I checked this. The link should work. I just sent you the receipt with the link again. 🙂 If it still doesn’t work, just open a ticket.

    • Maarten Reply

      Try the “Online version: View it in your browser »” link and download it from there. That worked for me (the other link didn’t)

  3. loukky Reply

    hi sToRm,i use xz premium`s145 firmware and have fix drm,but the camera sometimes will can`t take a photo and fFocusing

  4. Chen Reply

    Hi~ sToRm,I cannot use UnionPay cards to pay when using paypal. Will you support Alipay payment in the future?


  5. James Reply

    Hi Storm, what about offering the version for older (pre .75) firmwares for free and a version for the newer firmwares for a fee? Perhaps that would solve the XDA issue and make everyone reasonably happy. Thanks for your work!

  6. Can Reply


    Can i root my xperia xz premium with the newest Android Version?
    It is the version # 47.1.A.12.145

    Thanks for your help.

  7. Eduardo Garcia Reply

    Good day
    I have made the purchase but I still do not get the license to activate it and be able to use the tool, I am waiting for your comments.

    Thank you very much.

  8. Sesame.Lu Reply

    Hi~ sToRm, as a Chinese student, how can I buy your xperifix when I can’t use paypal and only have alipay and chinese bank cards?

    • Karam Abi Karam Reply

      You can pay by any credit – debit- visa card
      I payed today and is fine

    • jianlin3062 Reply


  9. Karam Abi Karam Reply

    Bro please add internet visa card to your payement
    Here no paypal
    I want to pay for you for the fix.
    I want to update magisk to 16.4 and my device and to the next week update

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Since a few days you can pay with credit cards, too. 😉

      • Karam Abi Karam Reply

        Thank you, and waiting to pay by my internet visa card

  10. Hannier Reply

    Hi Storm, I applied the 2.2 version on XZ Premium (G8141) with the version .75 and am very interested in paying the fee for the 2.4 v (completely fair). My question is if I can apply 2.4 v over the 2.2 and later update the android version?
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful work!

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi Hannier, sure you can use the v2.4+ like older versions before. If you want to update the Android version, you have to flash the firmware and then run XperiFIX again. The reason is, that XperiFIX modifies system files and the kernel ramdisk. If you update/flash the firmware, the system files are replaced and a clean boot image will be flashed. So XperiFIX has to do it’s job again. I will post a guide to this in the knowledge base asap.

  11. thesticks00 Reply

    Is there any way to use this to root my Xperia XZ Premium from a macbook? I foolishly sold out and got myself a macbook pro. Now the only windows computer i have access to is my work computer and for security reasons we do not have admin rights to install software. Thoughts?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      I reject Apple in principle. Therefore, there will be no version for Apple products. Sorry …

    • Ilan Shemes Reply

      I’m using this software on my MacBook. It is running in a virtual machine created with Parallels running Windows 7. Other Virtual Machine software might work as well.

  12. Karam Abi Karam Reply

    Purchased done
    Payemant numbee 2839
    kaerouma xda

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You can also use the current version for new firmware versions. To do this, you can add a new line with the corresponding data in the settings. It should also work if the line of the previous version is edited (changing the version number).

    • Karam Abi Karam Reply

      It is working like a charme.
      But magusk 16.4 not booting use 16.3

      • XperiFIX Post authorReply

        Yes, there are actually some problems with Magisk 16.4 on our devices. Should stick at 16.3 until the issues are fixed.

  13. mrsatan Reply

    As long as you keep updating the app so it works with newer firmwares, then there is not one thing wrong with the fee. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Time is money and not everyone has the time. Thanks for the project! Don’t let haters get you down.

  14. YG Reply

    Wow… When does the kernel of the 179 patch come out? I can’t wait! Ha ha ha

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You already can patch newer firmware versions with the integrated device settings. Just copy the line from the previous firmware version and edit the related data. The next XperiFIX update will include the newer versions, too.

      • PJ B Reply

        Hi there,
        Can you post some line by line instructions on how to do this in the knowledge base ? In the meantime I’m happy to get a copy via email if it is in draft version only.

        • XperiFIX Post authorReply

          Yes, there will be a detailed instruction in the KB asap. But I planned some big changes to this in the v3 (which is actually in development), so it’s better to write a documentation for the next version. Everything in XperiFIX should be so easy that everybody can use the software without brainfuck, that’s my goal for the coming versions. 🙂

          • PJ B

            Thank you !! I will now pay for and download XperiFIX v2.5 that supports XZP build 179, and hopefully you will have another happy customer ?

  15. Eugene Reply

    Can you help me with correct data for XZP G8142 fw 47.1.A.12.179?
    Can I add this data:

    Will it be correct? Especially HEX1/HEX2?

    Regards, Eugene

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi there, I will release the v2.5 in a few hours. There will be an updated device settings table with the current version details. If you give me a little bit time for a coffee, I will do my best and release it asap. It’s almost 2 AM here, but I will invest the rest of the night for my happy users. 🙂

  16. Alex Katayama Reply

    head’s up – i tried using xperifix for the may .179 day on an XZ1 Dual – but it failed. i got the device unauthorised message, even after disabling/reenabling USB debugging and revoking/approving priveleges multiple times.

    error: device unauthorized.
    This adb server’s $ ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set
    Try ‘adb kill-server’ if that seems wrong.
    Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.

    i used xperifix for the ..75 update, used N1ghtr08d’s guide and manually drmfixed for the .145 update, but janjan hasn’t released his kernel for .179 yet, so hopefully that’ll solve it.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      This is unfortunately a problem with TWRP which does not have to do directly with XperiFIX. However, I’m already looking at the whole thing in detail. So far the problem only occurs with the XZ1 series. Maybe I can also find a sustainable solution for this. For the future version 3.0 major changes in the fix are planned, too. I will release a small update to v2.5 in the next few hours, where the current firmware will be supported. Only the recovery image I have to take a closer look, so that the problem can be solved.

      • mrsatan Reply

        Probably something to do with the treble support and the partition setup.

        Do you mean the twrp version is an issue?

      • mrsatan Reply

        In theory could I use this to do the drm and magisk and then just adb over twrp? I would like to use this instead of being a slave to kernels being updated.

        • XperiFIX Post authorReply

          With XperiFIX v2.0+ you don’t have to use a pre-modified kernel (ramdisk) and wait for their updates. XperiFIX patches the boot image directly on your device. 😉

          • mrsatan

            Sounds good. Ill try it out once you get it working good with new XZ1 firmwares

  17. Kerberos Reply

    I’ve used my unrooted device for some weeks now and I’m about to start tweaking. Could you add the option to flash Titanium Backup recovery zip files after a new update? I’ll like it as an AIO. Nevertheless, I’ll be buying this. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg, liebe aus Afrika.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      I can gladly include the proposal in the planning. For the version 3.0 as already announced also the flashing of modifications is possible. I still have some features planned, but of course it always takes some time. Many people use XperiFIX and there are less experienced users among them. That’s why I prefer to test innovations in detail, before there are problems.

      Thank you so much! And best regards back to Africa! It’s crazy to know that my software is even used in Africa. Awesome! 😀

  18. MOODY MOODY Reply

    hi storm,I can’t check that option ,I can’t use it?why?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      What exactly? Please open a ticket in the support area. So I can take a look at your issue. 🙂

  19. Andre Meier Reply

    Hi sToRm, I have a question: I want to download the 2.4 update and you wrote that “All users who have a license can continue to use the download link from the received email.”…. but if I use the link from that email, only some error page appears and it says “Sorry but your download link has expired.” So where can I download the update?

    Thanks, Andre

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi Andre, please check the following knowledge base entry: https://www.xperifix.com/knowledge-base/download-error-sorry-but-your-download-link-has-expired/ But if you wait a few hours, you can download the new v2.5 of XperiFIX. It will be released this night. 😉

      German: Ich bin auch gerade dabei an der 3er Version zu feilen. Diese wird einige neue Funktionen mit sich bringen und die Prozesse deutlich vereinfachen. Mit der nächsten Version werden auch einige Fehler beseitigt, die bei manchen Benutzern aufgetreten sind. Das ist das Praktische am Ticket Support. Man kann viel Besser damit arbeiten und das Feedback mit in das Projekt einbringen.

      Falls du noch Probleme beim Download haben solltest, öffne einfach kurz ein Ticket, dann generiere ich eine neue “Receipt” E-Mail mit neuem Link für dich. Auch an dem Bereich wird bald gearbeitet. Ich kümmere mich nur gerade hauptsächlich um die Software, so dass sie möglichst sauber läuft und Benutzern schnellstmöglich geholfen wird, sollte es Probleme geben.


      • Andre Meier Reply

        The online link is not working. There comes the message “Receipt could not be retrieved, your purchase session has expired.”

  20. Andreas Hencke Reply

    Hi sToRm//,
    when I start xperifix 2.4 a message is popping up saying a update to 2.5 is available. But when I click ok I`m directed to pay and download. My account and license is active according to xperifix 2.4
    So what to do?

    • Karam Abi Karam Reply

      You need to logged in by your activated email.
      You got a link ti download latest version.

  21. Brandon Reply

    Hey st0rm. Are you still planning on doing anything for the XZ2?

  22. PICARD Rémi Reply

    Hello, can we root the xz premium 8.0.0 (47.1.A.12.145) G8142?

    thanks in advance


    can’t update to v2.5
    download link has expired

    any help
    thank you

    • Karam Abi Karam Reply

      It is ok now
      I logged from my email and it is ok
      Thank you

  24. PICARD Rémi Reply

    Hello little question,
    Is your tutorial for root xperia xz premium running with version G8142 (47.1.A.12.179)?

    thanks in advance


  25. Yi Sun Reply

    i have g441 compact xz1 european version, last firmware a.12a.179. i tried several times , but its not working.

    firstly without debugging usb, and then i switch developer option to enable debugging option. Both possibitilities are not working.

    i attached some logs

    error: device unauthorized.
    This adb server’s $ ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set
    Try ‘adb kill-server’ if that seems wrong.
    Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.


    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      No, that’s not correct. It’s working with XperiFIX, but not with the official TWRP build. 😉 But I have patched images for the current XperiFIX version. Please update and try it with v3.0.

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