Update 3.0 – New design, new features, better, faster!

As announced a few days ago, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks working on a new version (3.0) of XperiFIX. With the new version come some changes and improvements that make XperiFIX 3.0 the best version so far. Alone the changelogs should say a lot. The most comprehensive update so far brings a completely rebuilt XperiFIX, with a new design, a new structure and many improvements in terms of the DRM Fix and the complete routine. The new design should be a lot more user-friendly and enjoyable than before. Here is an impression of the overview:

Previously, users were more or less dependent on the default settings of the software. Although the previous version had the Device Settings, which made it possible to use own recovery images and root packages, this was a bit complicated for newcomers and a remote source was needed. This is greatly improved with the new version 3.0. XperiFIX detects the device and checks if there are any presets in the device settings. If they exist, they will be taken over for the routine. Otherwise, the user is informed that the device is not officially supported and can then manually use their own image and root package for the routine. Best of all, XperiFIX detects if it’s a remote package or a local package. So you can use a URL for TWRP / Magisk or select the respective file on the PC. Cool thing right?

With XperiFIX 3.0, the process has also been adjusted a bit. TWRP is manually started by the user after flashing. Although this is not 100% fully automatic, but it eliminates many problems users have always had. The official TWRP images can not be started automatically on Sony devices. So far, I have always tried to patch the respective image, but this has not always worked on every device. I think it’s basically better if users can always use the latest and official images, so I decided that a manual method is definitely better. XperiFIX flashes the image and then gives instructions for starting the recovery. After that, everything will continue fully automatically as usual. And even far better than before, because the effort of the software was greatly reduced by various optimizations.

The section “Mods & Modules” is completely new. Currently it is still empty, but with the upcoming updates there will be an area where modifications for the device will be available. These can then be easily flashed with XperiFIX or automatically patch the device.

Existing users of XperiFIX will also be pleased that the updates can now be downloaded directly from the software. There have been many tickets so far, as the download links did not always work when the user’s session had expired. The previous solution was also a bit complicated for beginners, so I made it possible to download updates via the software.

In the coming days, I will also work on the documentation and publish various instructions in the Knowledge Base. Especially with regard to firmware updates, this should help some users.

Have fun with the new version!


46 thoughts on “Update 3.0 – New design, new features, better, faster!

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi Chris,
      das XZ2 wird noch nicht unterstützt. Ich glaube, dass es dafür noch keine Recovery gibt oder? Sobald die draußen ist, überlege ich ein Fix dafür bereitzustellen.

  1. Chris Reply

    Thx Heiko ✌️

    Na dann warten wir mal mit ner Tasse Kaffee, oder auch 2 ^^


    • xiao hanhao Reply


  2. xiao hanhao Reply

    Hi Heiko
    Can I use Xposed on the latest system?For example, 47.1.A.12.145 (the latest system in Hongkong)。
    I’ll buy it if you can.
    (The above comes from the translation software,I’m not good at English, only Chinese and Japanese)

  3. Tigran Reply

    Hi Heiko, Will there be a discount to those who donated to you for drmfix?

  4. whoosename Reply

    Hi Heiko,
    the XperiFix v3.0 is running like a charm! Worth every cent!
    I still have a question: Is it necessary to start XperiFix with administrator rights, or is it sufficient as a normal user?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Nice to hear that! 🙂
      I recommend to run XperiFIX as administrator, because Windows f*** up things sometimes. 😉

  5. karam abi karam Reply

    how to update to v3 over v2.5
    should pay 19 Euros now
    or there is a link for old purchased to update

    • karam abi karam Reply

      Thank you

      I updated to v3 by the link sended to the email after verification and after the payemant is done

      Great work

  6. Alexander Bergdolt Reply

    With XZ1 Compact I have found a little issue regarding TWRP: The version Xperifix installs does not allow external access, so Xperifix cannot run scripts. We need a “unsecured” one to run the scripts, then we can flash the twrp-3.2.1-0-lilac-14.img.
    The rest ist working like a charm 🙂

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      All TWRP images are fixed now. If you want to, you can try it now. 🙂

  7. James Reply

    Just tried 3.0, ran over previous version on .145 FW (XZ1C) – smooth sailing! And the UI is much better. Good work!

  8. Alexander Bergdolt Reply

    XZ1 Compact: With the updated TWRP all is running fine now 🙂

    Two additional things I’ve noticed, might be very special, but maybe someone could use this information:

    xperifix before first boot

    When you flash a new firmware with wipe, you will need to start the phone system, maybe/probably go through the wizard, shut off, then you can connect xperifix. Trying to “free” the phone with xperifix _before_ initial system boot will bring the system into a state where it would not boot any more. Of course, reflashing fixes that 🙂

    TWRP restore before xperifix

    I made a backup with TWRP, then I flashed another firmware to try something out. I didn’t need root and so on, so I didn’t run xperifix. I wanted to be very clever, so I flashed twrp directly. Trying to restore data gave me an error:
    extractTarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255
    and some write errors in recovery.log. So don’t do this – you need to run xperifix before you will be able to restore. If you have messed your system, flash any supported firmware, then run xperifix, then do the restore.
    (will report it to modpunk, maybe he has a better idea)

  9. Pongpanot Suksiri Reply

    i’m stuck at wating vor adb access can you help me ?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Yes, it is. Please check the list of all official supported devices and firmware version on the download page. You can also manually fix other devices with your own TWRP image.

  10. meme machine Reply

    I just got a license, but it’s having trouble activating and when I try to raise a ticket I get the error “You are not allowed to submit a ticket.”

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Sorry, this was a website bug. Should be fixed now. Please drop a ticket and I will check your issue 🙂

  11. aribert heim Reply

    Ich habe mich für den Kauf von xperifix entschieden um eine bequeme und vor allem schnelle lösung zu finden, mein Gerät zu rooten. Nach 6 Stunden habe ich noch immer keine Möglichkeit zu rooten. Warum?
    Weil der Serviceanbieter den Lizenzschlüssel eigenhändig erstellen und mir mailen muss.

    Das war für mich vor dem Kauf nicht ersichtlich!!! Verstehe ich auch nicht, was ist wenn Heiko im Urlaub ist oder ein paar Tage nicht da?

    Lieber Heiko bitte sende mir doch den Schlüssel zu, sodass ich auch endlich mein Gerät rooten kann. Danke.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Es war vor dem Kauf definitiv ersichtlich, denn genau das steht direkt an oberster Stelle auf der Produktseite: “After payment, the download link will be sent. The license is created and activated manually. You will receive another email for this (this can take some time, be patient).”

      Ich habe das bei dir überprüft und gesehen, dass in der E-Mail Adresse ein Fehler war. Habe ich soeben korrigiert und die Lizenzdaten nochmal losgeschickt. Nun sollte alles funktionieren. Bei Problemen bitte einfach ein Ticket lösen. 🙂

  12. Dominique Buzon Reply

    Feedback here, I took Xperifix for a brand new XZ Premium and not only it works like a charm but it is really easy to use! I’m very grateful to get recovery, root and fix all in one quick step!

    However where I had unexpected issues was actually to unlock that damn bootloader and although I’ve already do it on the same Xperia model I got such a hard time that I felt like a total noob. It took me several days to figure out what was wrong (fastboot: unknown option — i) over and over..

    But again I am delighted, thanks much Heiko, you just rock!

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Thanks for your feedback! This made my day 🙂


  13. Andre Reply

    Hallo. Bevor XperiFix kostenpfichtig wurde, habe ich zwei mal gespendet. Muss ich die Software erneut kaufen oder gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Spenden einfließen zu lassen (Finde derzeit die Beträge nicht, aber wenn du nach meiner Email Adresse suchst, findest du die Spenden)

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Öffne mal ein Ticket, dann schauen wir was sich machen lässt. 😉

  14. Nick Smith Reply

    best money ever spent – seriously so much more easier then flashing files in order .

    Can I have 1 request? when opening XperiFix the Plug in USB cable screen, is that able to show up only when the button for fixing phone is clicked? its a pain to put phone in fastboot just to have a look at the app etc and even now – more just preparing the app and not needing that screen as it does take up the front row seat.

    apart from that no complaints 🙂 cant wait what else you bring to the app 🙂

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Nice to hear that, bro! Thanks! 🙂

      Yes, I thought about this already. I will take some notes for the future versions.

  15. ismael martinez Reply

    hello, i need to fix my phone ASAP, but im working in my mate computer. Can i buy it and install it in both computers? The second one will be my pc, my mate does not need it.

  16. Pongnarin Suriyaphol Reply

    2 questions please
    1. Does it support xz2 premium 51.1.1A.12.27? If not , are you working on it ? I will pay moneyin advance and wait.

    2. After patched, can I update official firmware or I have to wait for update of xperifix to do patch agaon?

  17. niouflex Reply

    my sony XZ1 is in a bad state.
    Indeed i went for a carbon rom but unfortunately it is full of bugs.
    I can reinstall the official version with “emma” the sony tool.
    But then i have the green photo syndrom.
    Afterwards, when i try to fix that with the last version of Xperifix 3.1, i m stuck in the middle of the process. Can someone help me here?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi there, you can use “Newflasher” instead of EMMA. Download the latest firmware for your device with “Xperifirm” and then flash it with Newflasher. Make sure you have a backup of all your apps and files, because if you flash the complete firmware, it will wipe the data partition. So backup all files to an external SD or to your PC. After the firmware is flashed, you can simply use XperiFIX to do the rest (TWRP, Root, Fix). Cheers!

  18. anadon Reply

    My sony xperia xz premium says Build number 47.1.A.16.20 is this version supported for xperifix?


    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You can use the manual mode and select the related TWRP and Magisk. It should work then. Devconfig update will be released the next days.

  19. Neko Redfox Reply

    Hallo ich habe mir das Tool gekauft aber mein Xperia XZ Premium Android 9 kann ich damit nicht rooten. Wann wird es eine neue Version geben die auch Android 9 rooten kann?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi Neko, leider gibt es hierzu aktuell keine Neuigkeiten.

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