XperiFIX 3.0 – Feature preview

As announced, I have been working on a new version of XperiFIX for some time now. Version 3.0 will bring many improvements. The website and the licensing system will be changed as well. The licenses will be generated directly after the purchase. Also the update functionality will be provided in the software. Here are some informations about the v3.0:

– XperiFIX will be completely rebuilt
– The design of XperiFIX will change
– The processes have been simplified
– The fix got adjustments
– Compatibility has been improved
– Added support for more devices
– Manual selection of TWRP recovery
– Manual selection of the root method
– Improved device settings
– Fixed minor blemishes
– There is an area for modifications and modules
– I am planning improvements regarding drivers
– …

An exact date for the new version is not yet planned. But I work on it every free minute to surprise my users as soon as possible with the new version. I’m currently also considering whether there will be a free version with limited features. So far, there is still no safe decision.

25 thoughts on “XperiFIX 3.0 – Feature preview

  1. Chris Reply

    Ich finde es Klasse was du hier für die User in der deiner Freizeit aufstellst! Sehr großen Respekt ?
    Und da ist es selbstverständlich dich mit ein paar Groschen zu unterstützen, und für deine Arbeit einen angemessenen Betrag zu leisten.

    Das Smartphone selber kostet ja auch Geld ?

    LG Chris

  2. Alle Reply


    I’m living in fucking Iran with shit politics and I can’t do any virtual payment… Please consider a way for me (and people like me who are wasting their time in this hell)… I tried many ways to charge my PayPal credit but it has to be identified and I don’t have any credit card to link with this. I’m sure you understand what a bad situation I’m talking about and hope you can help me.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      The Alipay terms and conditions do not allow payments for software like this.

    • Karam Abi Karam Reply

      You can pay by any visa card / credit card / internet card like i do

  3. dongjianlin Reply

    中国用户可以登入Alibaba,通过淘宝商家来支付,你只要通过支付宝把钱付给商家就可以了,我是通过店铺名称 北冥有鱼代购の二次元 来代付的

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Then there was a problem with system partition read/write or with drivers. Please open a ticket and attach logs from XperiFIX program folder, then I can check this for you.

  4. Niko Reply

    Is widevine l1 support one of the features you are looking into for v3.0? Sorry for constantly bugging you about this, but I would pay for a license in a heartbeat if that feature were introduced.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      No. And most likely there will never be a solution. You would need a suitable certificate. The likelihood of dumping a valid certificate in the near future is very low.

  5. Brandon Reply

    Is xz2 and xz2 compact going to be a part of this update? Waiting to pay!

  6. Kyriacos Diplaros Reply

    Add a support for the new. 149 firmware update for the xz premium. I have the update notification for long enough to be on my nerves. Thank you.

  7. VeixES Reply

    Waiting to pull the trigger on buying XZ2. Deciding factor is the xperifix support.. please let us know 🙂

  8. Samuel Giannakakos Reply

    Love your work! Just curious if I run the DRM patch with it thinking I am patching an older firmware, will this cause any issues with the phone software/operation?

  9. Daves10 Reply

    Any luck with manually fixing the ADB Keys error? On the previous firmware xperifix worked fine, but on 2.5 with the larest firmware clearly there is a problem with system read/write.

    Could I point settings to a older TWRP version or just try with a previous version of xperifix?


  10. Akshunhiro Reply

    Amazing work! I hope you’re getting the kudos you deserve for streamlining this process!

    Any plans to support original XZ F8331?


    june firmware is out last week 47.1.A.12.205
    v2.5 support it ? or should wait the fix update to update our devices?
    fix v 2.5 latest support is .179 ‘when then next boom will be relased

  12. Alexander Bergdolt Reply

    As long as Heiko is working on an update, here are some lines for getting Xperifix 2.5 to work with the new .205 firmware for the XZ1 Compact. Other devices might be similar or not, and as always YMMV.

    Install .205 firmware
    Connect phone and start Xperifix 2.5 as usual
    Wait until the phone reboots and hangs on boot logo – wait until a popup message appears in Xperifix (mind the countdown until the message)
    Shut the phone off according to the message, but ignore the further lines for now
    Open a new CMD and flash (fastboot) an unsecured TWRP according to https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=76737481&postcount=17 – for XZ1 Compact you can use https://lendoo.de/download/leo/xz1c-twrp-unsecure.img if you like
    Start phone in TWRP according to the message in Xperifix, then connect it
    Click on OK

    After reboot, you should install the current TWRP 3.2.1-14 from https://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-xz1-compact/development/recovery-twrp-3-1-1-stock-security-t3706704 – you will need this to be able to backup your data partition with TWRP

    Do not update magisk with magisk manager, doing so would break the camera

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Thanks for this post! 🙂
      The v3.0 is out now. Fixes some issues and provides new features.


  13. Nick Smith Reply

    will AOSP options be available in the future or is that too much of a stretch?

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