Update 3.1 – New Devices (XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium, XA2, XA2 Ultra)

The XperiFIX update 3.1 has just been released. With the new version there were a few small improvements and changes to the previous version. In addition, for the first time, this update has received the prepared support for additional devices whose security features within the firmware deviate from previous devices. With 3.1 there is a prepared support for the XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium, XA2 and XA2 Ultra. This means that it has integrated a DRM patch for these devices. However, before using XperiFIX, the user must have TWRP recovery installed on these devices. For all users of these devices: Please check beforehand if there is a TWRP recovery for your device! For experimental supported devices, there is no guarantee and no refund, if it does not work right away.

The previous DRM patch will no longer work on devices such as the XZ2, as relevant parts of the firmware have changed. So I had to re-analyze the firmware for these devices and create a new patch. Since there are some people who still download the old patch on XDA, I’d like to point out that I definitely do not recommend using the old patch for newer devices. Because the integrated patch at that time is no longer compatible with the mentioned devices. It could destroy data in the TA and ensure that the entire device is unusable!

With XperiFIX 3.1 it is now also possible to start patching without first installing the recovery. So if you have already installed TWRP, you can deselect the reinstallation of TWRP in the software (multiple requests of various users). Likewise, this update also made a few changes to the hint windows.

As mentioned, XperiFIX 3.1 also has a modified patch that is now compatible with more recent versions of Magisk (16.7+). Magisk 16.7 is automatically installed with Devconfig. Previous versions are no longer supported.

Okaaaaaaaay… Have fun! 🙂


61 thoughts on “Update 3.1 – New Devices (XZ2, XZ2 Compact, XZ2 Premium, XA2, XA2 Ultra)

  1. Loukky Wang Reply

    when i update my xzp to 47.1.A.12.235,and flash drmfix.the camera can not take photo,camera can not focous.plz check what happend,thx

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please run XperiFIX again. Give it a try! Otherwise… There were some users having problems since they flashed a firmware with Flashtool instead of Newflasher. I personally recommend Newflasher for this job, because it’s really good developed by one of my personal heroes. 🙂

  2. karam abi karam Reply

    Thank you for the update.
    Can you add TWRP 3.2.2 WITH the place of 3.2.1

    I will try with my xz2 when backup and have time
    I will try to fimd a twrp working withe xz2

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      If you want to use another TWRP version, you can simply download the image and choose it in the XperiFIX mask. 🙂 You want to try it on XZ2? For XZ2 and other “RP only” devices, you have to install TWRP manually before using XperiFIX.

  3. Shirow HIGA Reply

    At 47.1.A.12.235, the camera is operating normally.
    I am using XperiFIX 3.1, Magisk 16.7, TWRP 3.2.3.

    • Deliver 2gether Reply

      Hi Shirow.

      Any chance you can share how you installed TWRP on the XZ2 as without that step XPERIFIX 3.1 can’t move to the next step to apply the patch. I am stuck.


  4. Andreas Hencke Reply

    I flashed the new 47.1.A.12.270 customized DE on my XZ Premium G8141 via Flashtool half an hour ago. XperiFix 3.1 afterwards. XperiFix was working like a charm. As usual.

  5. Brad Reply

    Hi Storm, please advise if the magisk issue has been fixed in this version? So can I also flash the newer version 47.1.A.12.270? (currently on .235)


    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      XperiFIX 3.1 has Magisk 16.7 predefined and is compatible with coming Magisk versions. The .270 firmware is not actually supported (will be in the next days), but you can manually fix it with XperiFIX. Just choose the TWRP image and Magisk 16.7 manually, then start the fix. It should work. 🙂

  6. Sean Reply

    Hello, I’d like to root my Sony phone using your software! Before I make a purchase, I’d like to make absolutely sure that my phone is compatible with your software. I have a:

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium Dual (Chrome)
    Model: G8142
    Android Version: 8.0.0
    Build Number/Firmware Version??: 47.1.A.12.270

    If more information is needed please let me know. Also do I need to downgrade/upgrade my Firmware? And do I need to install TWRP manually before I use your software, or will your software install TWRP for me? On TWRPs website it says it has a version for the xz premium but it says Maple which I believe is the g8141 model will that be chance work on my g8142 model?

    Thank you for your efforts!!

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Your phone is compatible (actually manual mode). You can select the TWRP recovery and the Magisk 16.7+ zip in the software to manually fix the device. You can also wait a little bit. The device configuration will be updated asap, so that the preconfigured setup works on this firmware version.

      You don’t have do downgrade or upgrade the firmware. You don’t have to install TWRP before with this device (but in manual mode). The TWRP recovery (maple) will work for you.


  7. Qusay Saadeddin Reply

    I want to know when your software will be support the latest update.. Or will you wait until next update?

  8. Luca Reply


    Are we sure it works for Sony Xperia XA2 ULTRA, model H4213, android Oreo 8.0.0?

    I would not do damage to the phone.


    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Again: Please read carefully! This device is in experimental support. There is absolutely no guarantee.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You have to install the correct drivers, unlock your bootloader and then connect it to your computer in fastboot mode.

  9. Luca Reply

    TWRP not present in the software!!!! You write my model in supported Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra!

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please read carefully on the product page…

      “Important note: Devices whose compatibility is marked with an asterisk (*) are experimentally supported devices. For “RP only” labeled devices, TWRP Recovery must be manually installed before XperiFIX can install Root and DRM patch. Before purchasing the software, please check if a TWRP recovery has been released for your device.”

  10. Marcel Ritzer Reply

    Should this also work with 50.1.A.10.51 on XA2 or only with .40?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      It’s not officially supported (because of difficult driver installation) but it should work. There are a lot of users on Windows 7.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You need a working TWRP recovery for your device. Then it works with XperiFIX. The support for XZ2 is experimental, without guarantee.

  11. Xinyu Tu Reply

    After unlocking my Xz2(H8296), the camera can’t work,can i restore it?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You need a working TWRP recovery for your device. Then it works with XperiFIX. The support for XZ2 is experimental, without guarantee.


    I HAVE DONE IT FINALY!I HAVE ROOTED MY PHONE!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PERFECT HACK!!!!!!! (Sony Xperia XA2 ULTRA, model H4213, android Oreo 8.0.0 50.1.A.10.51 ftf, (TWRP 3.2.2-0-pioneer.img for XA2 sony xperia) Also Inside xperifix from settings of my phone i downloaded the magisk167 zip and FINALLY I PRESSED THE BUTTON FIX MY DEVICE i press then down volume with power as instructed TWTP shows 3.2.2-0 and then MAGIK happens and my XPERIA IS ROOTED with magisk 167.DRM KEYS Camera and pictures are perfect!!!THANK YOY AGAIN!!


    when i installed xpose framework (3 beta) my phone is in bootloop..(restarts sony logo again and again)


    which xpose framework to install to work with my phone?Sony Xperia XA2 ULTRA, model H4213, android Oreo 8.0.0 50.1.A.10.40 ftf, (TWRP 3.2.2-0-pioneer.img for XA2 sony xperia).

  15. Sven Reply

    I have a my G8142 fixed with your old version 2.5 of Xperifix.
    Yesterday I have updated the magisk manager from 16.7 to 17.1. That´s was very bad.
    No function of camera, no focus, no trigger. Also other apps like Open Camera can´t do any photos.

    So I have update to new firmware version 270. And Xperifix after update.
    Xperifix work fine and now Magisk Manager 16.7 is installed.

    But the problem remains. What I can do? What is the problem? I think, Magisk has overwrite something in kernel.

    Please help.

  16. Alexander Bergdolt Reply

    @Sven: Updating Magisk with Magisk Manager breaks DRM fix. To use another version of Magisk, just download the Magiskv17.1.zip, start XperiFIX and connect your device. You see that XperiFIX would download a Magisk 16.7 by default. In this part of the application you can select the 17.1 you’ve just downloaded.
    Like this it works. I’ve got here a XZ1 Compact with FW .270 and Magisk 17.1

    To “repair” a broken installation, in most cases flashing the FW again without wipe should be enough. xflasher – remove appslog, diag, qnovo, ssd, userdata – flash – then run XperiFIX.
    If not, in rare cases a full wipe (xflasher – use all .sin – flash – XperiFIX) could be necessary.

    @Heiko: Maybe it’s time to change the device settings to Magisk 17.1?

    • David Wallis Reply

      I updated to v17. 1 using Magik Manager and it didn’t break DRM at all. I’m sure I read in the release notes somewhere that this was OK to do for the latest version of Xperifix..

  17. Arben Reply

    Does this work with whatever version of Android I have on my XZ2? I just got the XZ2, so I was wondering, do I update, unlock bootloader then root, or do I unlock bootloader, root, update & root again or however does it work.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      The XZ2 is in experimental status, so there is no guarantee that it works! We need a working recovery before testing.

  18. Alexander Bergdolt Reply

    For the XZ1C, the new FW 47.1.A.16.20 is out now (and for other devices there probably will be as well a new release with Sept 2018 security fixes). I have used G8441_Customized DE_1310-4373_47.1.A.16.20_R6B with XperiFIX 3.1, twrp-3.2.1-0-lilac-14.img and Magisk-v17.1.zip. This combination works fine for me, camera and root are fine 🙂

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You can use the manual mode and select the related TWRP and Magisk. It should work then. Devconfig update will be released the next days.

  19. Michail Koutroulakis Reply

    Is Xperia fix compatible at the moment with the September Update for XZP – 47.1.A.16.20, so it’s possible that i could flash the update and run after words the Xperia fix?

    Thank’s in advance.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You can use the manual mode and select the related TWRP and Magisk. It should work then. Devconfig update will be released the next days.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      You can use the manual mode and select the related TWRP and Magisk. It should work then. Devconfig update will be released the next days.

  20. Michail Koutroulakis Reply

    Ok i could verify that xperiafix works fine in manual mode with latest TWRP and Magisk 17.1for XZP – 47.1.A.16.20.

  21. Roland Reply

    I unlocked my Sony XPeria XZ2 Compact last night but had big problems to install TWRP, so I couldn’t boot the device. So I used the Sony Flashtool, so nor I’m able to boot the device with Android 8.0.
    But I also lost DRM after unlocking the device, so I cannot use the camera, cannot install Android 9, restore data, … .

    My XZ2 Compact shows the Build-Number 51.1.A.11.51.

    * Do you plan to support this firmware version also in the near future to restore DRM?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Actually no! The compatibility list is up to date on the product site. Android Pie is not supported by XperiFIX 3.1. Maybe 3.2 will, but that’s future and not guaranteed.

  22. Andreas Hencke Reply

    Hi sToRm//,

    the Android Pie update for the Xperia XZ Premium is announced for the 26th of October. Will version 3.1 work with Pie or do we have to wait for a new release?
    Btw. I don’t ask for eta!



    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Hi Andreas,
      you have to wait for a new release, because there were some big changes in the firmware and device security. XperiFIX 3.1 will NOT support Pie! As soon as there is some progress, I will write some news in the blog.

  23. Ying Teng Guan Reply

    I just install it and windows blocks it because it has virus Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      It’s a false positive because the software is encrypted. You can whitelist XperiFIX in your security software.

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