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Get the functionality of your smartphone back. With the DRM patch from XperiFIX!

XperiFIX can flash a custom recovery (TWRP)

To change the system on your Xperia smartphone, you need the appropriate root permissions. And to get root permissions, you need a custom recovery. A custom recovery is something like a second operating system that can be started instead of the smartphone operating system. And within this custom recovery you can flash various packages that change the system. You can use XperiFIX to make it easier to choose the right custom recovery and to simplify the installation. For a selection of different devices, XperiFIX already knows the correct TWRP (Custom Recovery) and can flash it automatically.

Rooting your Xperia is easy! XperiFIX can do it!

Rooting a device means that you get administrator permissions. So you can practically do what you want with your smartphone. Rooting can sometimes be a little complicated or time-consuming. XperiFIX can do that for you. The XperiFIX software is able to flash the right Magisk package for you. Magisk is a proven modification and app for Android smartphones and is very popular. There are many options that you have with Magisk. For example, you can install an ad blocker or tune your system.

Get your functionalities back – with our DRM-Hack!

There is a problem with Xperia smartphones. If you root the device, the camera and many other functions no longer work (at least with older devices). By unlocking the device, you lose the device key for certain features. We have successfully cracked these limitations (more precisely it was sToRm //) and XperiFIX is the only software on this planet that provides this hack. The “DRM-fix” from sToRm // patches certain files in the operating system and pretends to the smartphone that it is not unlocked. It also brings back more features that wouldn’t exist without the hack. Installation is child’s play and is carried out automatically by XperiFIX.


Note: The video shows the older version (v2.0). With the latest version, everything is even easier and more convenient.