Update 2.2 – XZ1 and XZ1 Compact update

Unfortunately, the last version still had errors with the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact devices. The recovery could not be started via the software. There were also connection problems via adb. I have made further adjustments to the custom recovery and released them with the XperiFIX version 2.2. Since there were also difficulties with the XperiFIX-Flasher script, I completely revised it. The DRM patch now runs on all XZ Premium, XZ1 and XZ1 Compact devices.

If you still have problems with XperiFIX, check the adb / fastboot driver for the device. It is recommended not to use standard drivers, but to load the drivers directly from Sony. Users at XDA recommend to use the drivers from “Flashtool”, which however require a deactivated driver signature check (Windows). I personally use the original drivers from Sony.

34 thoughts on “Update 2.2 – XZ1 and XZ1 Compact update

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please check your PC if the right driver is installed. You should use the drivers from Sony developer website. In Windows, open your device manager while the phone is in TWRP or running the system with adb debugging (developer settings). Then manually choose and install the right driver.

  1. Ran Reply

    Is there something like “supported firmware version list”? Or any firmware version is OK?

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Take a look at the download page and switch to the history there.

  2. Ran Reply

    Is this tool firmware-version-irrelevant? Or it only works on specific versions?

  3. Patrick Reply

    hi, i’ve already unlocked my phone bootloader and followed the steps, but the program dosnt recognize my phone, i’ve already allowed usb debbugging but when i turn off my phone, hold volume+ and connect the cable, my phone goes to fastboot mode, the led goes blue but the computer and the program still cant reconize my phone, pls help

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please install the correct driver for your device (Sony driver!) and make sure your firewall doesn’t block adb/fastboot.

  4. Bruno Reply

    hi, my program is running all the way to 100% and then show a message telling me that is done, but my phone is still not rooted, and there was no signal of the twrp during the fix, the display just keep black all the time

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please check the logs in XperiFIX program folder. If the device isn’t found, you have to install the correct driver. If there are read/write errors, make sure you swipe to the right in TWRP to allow system modifications. In TWRP go to “mount” and uncheck the “mount system read-only” option. Run XperiFIX again, it should work.

  5. Aset Reply

    Thank you so much. I have a sony xperia xz1. Everything worked out. I will make a donation as will be an opportunity. P.s. I don’t know English

  6. John Reply

    It seems like there is a new bug, we can’t click on the checkbox to agree with the terms.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Is your device supported? The checkbox is disabled if not.

  7. Enmanuel Rodriguez Reply

    it does not work on 47.1.A.12.119 and I leave the green camera

  8. Dima Reply

    Hello Storm! how i can update the firmware after XperiFix was installed? There is a new official firmware came out 41.1.A.12.119 and i do not know how to update it.

      • Alex Katayama Reply

        hi, have you shared the guide yet? i would like to do this too!

        • Alex Katayama Reply

          nevermind, i saw your post on xda about verison 2.3. can’t wait for that release. 🙂

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      No. It supports “XZ Premium Dual” but not the older “XZ”. Maybe I will implement this in future updates.

  9. guangdestiny Reply

    Sony Xperia XZ Premium (G8142)
    Firmware @47.1.A.12.75

    Not detected Connection


  10. oliverrá Reply

    Support only for devices 2017 and later? Not 2016? Xperia X?

  11. JOHN Reply

    My Sony Xperia XZ Premium (G8142) is listed as supported but I can’t click the checkbox! Any advice?

  12. Tom Reply

    Any word on the guide for updating the firmware? We’re not past 119 and into 145 with the XZ1 Compact; would love to be able to switch to this myself and run. A link here to that guide if it exists would be great!

  13. Tom Reply

    Sorry; that last comment was meant to be “now past 119” not “not past 119”. That was unnecessarily confusing.

  14. Dominic Reply

    When will you do an update for the tool?
    *.145 is not supported.

    This is really sad.

    • XperiFIX Post authorReply

      Please make sure you have the correct Sony device drivers installed for your device. Also check your firewall/security software, maybe it blocks XperiFIX or adb.

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