Who unlocks the bootloader of his Sony Xperia, is punished by Sony indirectly. Because after unlocking the camera does not work anymore. The device contains different keys for different camera functions. If the device is unlocked, these keys will be irrevocably deleted. After that, the camera can not be used anymore. If you click on the resolver, you only get a green picture.

On earlier devices this DRM protection could be bypassed. Tobias Waldvogel has provided an ingenious solution. However, this DRM fix no longer worked with newer devices. I spent weeks investigating a hack of this problem and then discovered a way to patch the firmware of various Sony Xperia devices to make the DRM work. In addition to the former libraries, additional functions had to be manipulated. I also had to patch system files to crack Sony’s advanced device protection and fool the system that it was not unlocked.

With this DRM patch, the protection is leveraged, simulating the presence of the keys and faking that the device has not been unlocked. This allows the camera functions and other functions to be used again.

XperiFIX integrates the DRM patch fully automatically and also automatically modifies the respective system files. In addition, the ramdisk of the kernel is modified to make the patch runnable.

Hell yeah, that’s awesome! Isn’t it?