Sony Xperia takes only green photos

You own a Sony Xperia smartphone and you want to use the camera, but the device saves only green photos? This will most likely be because the bootloader was unlocked. Although Sony offers to unlock the bootloader for developers, but with many devices, the functions of the camera then disabled. This is particularly annoying with newer devices. For the new Sony Xperia smartphones not only the quality of the photos is worse, but the device stores only a completely green photo.

So if you can only take green pictures with your Sony Xperia, then either you have unlocked the bootloader or you may have bought a used cell phone with the bootloader unlocked. Unfortunately, it brings nothing here to lock the boot loader again. For once the bootloader is unlocked, an individual key is deleted on the device, which can unlock the functions of the camera. Once unlocked, the device is initially useless. However, with XperiFIX there is a solution to this problem.

XperiFIX allows you to use an unlocked device as if it were never unlocked. Most functions of the camera, special functions of the devices and improvements become usable again. XperiFIX was developed especially for this purpose. It installs Magisk as the root solution and alters the firmware of the Sony Xperia so that the device thinks it is not rooted.

To shoot normal high-quality photos instead of green photos, all you have to do is run XperiFIX on your device. The software installs a custom recovery, rootet your device and pry out Sony’s security checks, so the device thinks it has a locked bootloader. In addition, hacks are made on the system, which can restore the lost functions.

XperiFIX was developed by the same hacker who was the first and only one to hack the security features of the current Sony Xperia firmware. The software is always improved and updated so that it works with current firmware versions.