Connection problems – XperiFIX can’t find the device

Probably the most common problem is a faulty connection to the device. This can basically have different causes. Either the drivers are not correct or the software is blocked in any way. XperiFIX itself can not be the problem in any case. The software is programmed to work if the system is correctly set up.

Please check:
– Is the device connected to the correct cable (Sony standard)?
– Are the correct drivers (Sony) installed for the device?
– Does the antivirus software or firewall possibly block XperiFIX or the adb process?
– Are several Sony devices connected to the PC?

Please note that in most cases the drivers are responsible for connection problems. When using XperiFIX, the smartphone is recognized differently from the PC. If it is in Fastboot mode, it is an “Android ADB Interface”, but if it is in TWRP, it is a “Sony XXXXX ADB Interface”. That’s absolutely important! If TWRP is running and the device is not recognized as “Sony XXXXX ADB Interface”, XperiFIX will not work!